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Family Owned Business

7 days a week, 365 days a year, its in our blood, its a lifestyle


After years of city living we set out on an adventure that saw us move to the country seeking a better future and more holistic upbringing for our family. We quickly fell in love with the beauty and simplicity of country living. We had a vision to create something unique using our experience in the hospitality and events industry and so we embarked on our journey, to deliver a true ‘Farm to Fork’ experience.

Caring for our farm rain, hail or shine 7 days a week is a lifestyle that takes dedication, passion and drive. 

Our passion comes from our desire to provide fresh, premium produce from Our Estate to Your Plate.

Our drive comes from our satisfied customers knowing we give 100% to our unique farming practices which are sustainable and regenerative delivering the finest quality produce we can. 

We are dedicated to our ‘Farm to Fork’ small batch farming philosophy, with our vertically integrated supply chain strategy we control the entire process providing a truly unique ‘Farm to Fork’ experience for our customers.

Our processes are labour intensive, but we believe that it’s this personal touch that makes all the difference ensuring our produce is of the finest quality. 

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Farm to Fork Approach

We are passionate about delivering fresh premium produce. Our small batch 'Farm to Fork' approach to farming makes all the difference in ensuring our produce is of the finest quality.

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