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Highlands Estate Premium Beef

Our Black Angus Cattle are personally tended to each and every day. They are hand fed for 500-days the best premium grain mix specially crafted for us locally in the Southern Highlands. They graze on pesticide free pastures and live the most idyllic lifestyle with daily visits from the farmer. 

We rotate them through our paddocks which ensures our cattle are receiving the most nutrients possible, this nutrients is directly passed on to our consumers. Our process also helps to regenerate the soil and organic matter which forms part of our ecosystem to sustainably regenerate our pastures. 

We prioritise soil health as we strongly believe that looking after the land is one of the most important steps in our process to providing premium quality meat. 

We grow our own silage and seed a variety of pastures to support feeding our cows through winter. 

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500 Day Grain Fed,
Pasture Raised Beef

Farming isn't a job its a lifestyle, 365 days a year, rain, hail or shine. There are no sick days, no rest days and there is no other place we would rather be.

You haven't tasted
beef like it!

Watch Them Grow Program

We have created a unique opportunity with our Watch Them Grow Program for our customers to learn more about where the beef they are consuming comes from. We believe this is a hugely important part of our responsibility as farmers to provide the best quality beef which is why we have worked so hard to vertically integrate our supply chain to keep as much of the process as we can in-house.

Our Watch Them Grow Program enables you as a consumer to pick a cow from birth, watch as they mature and grow throughout their lifecycle with regular progress videos and photos shared with you. Towards the end of their time you can come and visit your cow, see our unique farming practices and understand our farm-to-fork process firsthand. Your cows final delivery will be as a whole beast, butchered into cuts you request and packaged specially for your requirements. 

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