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With our vertically integrated supply chain strategy we control the entire process providing a truly unique ‘Farm to Fork’ experience for our customers.


Farming Practices

We work the land, regenerating our paddocks, planting our crops, we collect and re-use the organic matter from our farm to fertilise and replenish our soil.


Stock Control

We tend to our animals 365 days a year hand feeding them and checking they are healthy and happy we are growing our stock to keep the breeding program in-house


Feeding Program

We grow our own silage and crops to feed our cattle controlling the farming process to ensure quality over quantity at every step.


Meat Processing

Our cows are returned in quarters from the abattoir within 1 day, we butcher them ourselves onsite in our custom built high-spec meat processing facility.


Packaging and Delivery

We package the beef onsite and transport it ourselves in our custom built cool room van, delivering straight to your door.

0062 - Highlands Estate Farm Tallong - Property stock shoot - Magnus Agren Photography.jpg

Our Grain is Specially Crafted just for us in the
Southern Highlands

We control the feeding process to ensure our cows are being fed a diet that is high in fats and nutrients which gives a unique flavour to our meat.

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